Our recommendation

Nonstop partnerships

Our core excellence is the profound understanding how to split marketing investment effectively when dealing with social creators.

Nonstop partnership is a complete turnkey-service including creative strategy, all daily operations and optimization during the year.

We use our cutting-edge technology and predictive data analysis

  • to find the most suitable creators
  • to define cost-efficient channels (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube)
  • to maximize relevant reach in the target group
  • to establish creative concept based on past data
  • to demonstrate gained results in real-time

Best option for brands with dedicated influencer marketing budgets.

Budget allocation

50% Media costs

30% Strategy & planning

10% Production costs

10% IPR rights

Starting from 5000 € /mo

  • minimum for 2 months
  • guaranteed impressions 200 000 / mo
  • CPM 25 €
  • discount for year contract -15%