Platform Workflow



Explore content creators who could fit for you.



Draft your team and sketch compensations budget.



Send team invites, set timelines and start smooth production.



Track overall workflow and key metrics. Save media assets.

My target group is women in Stockholm aged 25-34, how about targeting?

Am I spending my budget for completely irrelevant followers? Our clients have access to every creator’s own media kit which is always fresh and up to date.

So you found your own creative team of artists, what then?

Simply invite them to work and co-create with your marketing team. Define compensations and write brief. They’ll receive an invitation by SMS and decide if they want to join your forces.

What happens during collaboration?

Artists produce great social content as you have defined and you can have real-time conversations with them. It’s up to you how to distribute all the branded content: through artists’ organic reach, paid social or both?

After all this effort, how do I measure my investment?

We provide key metrics like reach, impressions, CPMs, cost per engagement. You can also follow an overall sentiment of content to have insights related to your brand or product.